The herring market at Dragør

Oplægget ved Christian Etheridge, ph.d.-stipendiat, finder sted mandag d. 3. november i lokale 27.1.49 på KUA1 kl. 17.15.

The medieval herring markets in the Øresund were some of the greatest concentrations of people in the north of Europe during the 13th-16th centuries. They attracted merchants, friars, kings and pirates from England to Estonia. The Dragør market has often been overlooked in favour of research on the much better known markets at Skanør and Falsterbo. This is an oversight as there is rich documentary and archaeological evidence of the market at Dragør, that at its peak attracted 20,000 visitors a year. Using recent research into the Hanseatic and Danish archives, as well as using evidence from recent archaeological excavations, this paper will shed light on the hitherto relatively unknown life on the Dragør market.


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