Hanseatic Textiles as a Commodity in Late Medieval Long Distance Trade

Oplægget ved Angela Ling Huang, ph.d.-stipendiat., finder sted d. 11. marts i lokale 18.2.80 på Gamle KUA kl. 17.15.

The paper discusses the Hanseatic League, being one of the major players in the Northern European economy in the High and Late Middle Ages. However, in difference to most studies on hanseatic trade, it does not focus on the Hanseatic League as a trade organization that secured commodity trade over long distances between non-hanseatic markets, the best known being Bruges, London, Bergen, and Novgorod. By examining the development and expansion of an exporting textile industry within the Hanseatic Area, it rather presents this dense network of towns as an area production. Consequently, the paper reinterprets the Hanseatic League in its function and development.


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