Written in the stars: A new look at the astronomical heritage of medieval Iceland

Oplægget ved Christian Etheridge, cand.mag., finder sted d. 8. oktober i lokale 22.0.49 på Ny KUA kl. 17.15.

The rich astronomical heritage of medieval Iceland has received little attention from scholarship over the past century, yet it is a rich and untapped source of information about medieval scientific ideas and their transmission in Scandinavia. This paper focuses on the twelfth to fourteenth century astronomical compilation known as GKS 1812 4to, which is remarkable in its range of learned material. In looking at this and several related manuscripts, the paper will show that Icelandic scholars were able to use a wide range of Arabic, late Roman and Scholastic sources and fuse it with indigenous ideas to create some of the most unique astronomical works of the middle ages.


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